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About the artist

 Amy is a Midwest native, most recently moving her art studio from Chicago to Tennessee.  Her paperweaving art series stems from and gravitates towards music, which is a blend of her life...weaving the two art forms together.  This series starts with two paintings and vinyl record covers that she paints, cuts apart, rearranges, and finally weaves them all into a final weave.  Her process represents life...taking the past, dissecting it, creating something new...making the end vision more evolved.  While her focus professionally has been in the visual art world over the last 15 years, she also has a music degree from Missouri State University, still teaching piano privately. She studied interior design at Harrington College of Design in Chicago, and has directed several art galleries, along with art consulting for hospitality designers in Chicago.  Amy currently lives in Brentwood with her husband, daughter and two dogs.
Amy Harms Photo 2 - Christian Taylor Photography.jpg

photo credit: Christian Taylor Photography

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